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President’s Message

June 2019

The AAUS BoD had its pre-summer conference call last week to wrap up business from the beginning of the year, and to outline plans through the Annual Meeting. But before I cover that information, a few updates from last month: 1) the 2019 elections (Secretary and Director at Large) portal opened on May 15th. I didn’t have any website issues, so if you haven’t voted yet don’t be intimidated – Vote Now, 2) thanks for your comments on the proposed change to the by-laws. The BoD voted to accept the recommendation for terms of: President-Elect (1 yr), President (2 yrs), and Past-President (1 yr), and 3) hoping everyone is still compliant with AAUS Standards (i.e., your new scientific diving manual has been uploaded by the June 01 deadline). 

So on to the new business. The 2018 Annual Report has been completed, and is available on the website in the Resource Library (aaus.org/AAUS/Members/Resource_Library) Thanks to the committee chairs, and their volunteers, for the work they did in 2018, and to Heather for pulling the Annual Report together. Derek Smith represented the AAUS at the 5th European Conference on Scientific Diving (24-27 April, Sopot Poland), and provided an update to the BoD. Specifically, this was an opportunity to address international diving standards/reciprocity with leaders in the global scientific diving community. This builds upon a discussion during the 2018 Joint Agency Meeting in Denver, and planning relative to this issue for the upcoming Joint Annual Meetings of AAUS and CAUS in Vancouver Canada (registration is now open!! at aaus.org/annualsymposium ). The BoD also voted on recommendations from Membership and Standards relative to new Organizational Members, and to compliance issues. Finally, AAUS is encouraging all scientific divers to become Individual Members, which allows them to take a more active role in the Academy. The IM dues will increase 01 July 2019, but applicants still have a month to apply at the current rate of $35/year. Note that the cost of AAUS Certifications through the optional Certification program, that includes IM membership for one year, will not increase. 

The committees will be busy this summer on several initiatives, as well as ongoing business, and would appreciate any and all help (reach out via aaus@aaus.org). As always, thanks for your continued support of the Academy. 

Marc Slattery
University of Mississippi

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