AAUS Emeritus DSO Award

At the 2023 AAUS Symposium, the Academy announced the establishment of a new award intended to recognize Diving Safety Officers who have served 20 years or more in the scientific diving community and are retired from their primary DSO position. Thank you for your service to scientific divers and the AAUS community!

The benefits of the Emeritus DSO award are still in development but include:

  • Community recognition via Emeritus Award title
  • Ongoing communication via the AAUS E-slate and access to DSO-listserve
  • Eligibility for discounted symposium registration
  • Membership upgrade to a Lifetime Member of the Academy  (* upon AAUS Bylaws changes, 2023)

    2023 Inaugural Class


     Jeff Bozanic Danny Gouge John Reed
     Frank Chapman John Heine Rick Riera-Gomez
     Steve Clabuesch Stephen Jewett Terry Rioux
     Michael Dardeau Ken Johns Glenn Safritt
     William Dent Doug Kesling Phil Sharkey
     Joe Dobarro Michael Lang Gregg Stanton
     Henry Fasteneau Ted Maney Sam Sublett
     Mark Flahan  Dan Orr  Gavin Wuttken