Application Tutorial


To begin the Organizational Member (OM) application process, please download the following Power Point file and review carefully.  We strongly suggest that you contact the AAUS office or the AAUS Membership chair to discuss your organization and application BEFORE completing the online application.  Application fees are non-refundable.

Info for new OM applicants   (file for download)

Please note that as of February 2016 it is now a requirement that ALL applying Organizational Member's DSO attend a New DSO Orientation before the OM will be approved for membership.  Orientations are offered at the annual AAUS symposium, held in the Fall, and during the spring AAUS Board of Directors meeting.   Please contact the AAUS office to register.

Apply Now    The DSO for the applying organization MUST be an individual member of AAUS before beginning the OM application process.  If you are not a current individual member, please contact the AAUS office for a promo code to waive your individual application fee.  You will NOT be able to proceed with the OM application until your individual membership is active.