Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall be responsible for the pursuit, management, supervision and administration of the Reserve Fund and such other properties, investment funds, endowments, trusts, and gift funds, as the Board may designate
from time to time.  The Finance committee chair shall also sit on the Board of Directors for the AAUS Foundation and spearhead the fundraising efforts of that body.  The Finance Committee shall:

  • Advise the Board of Directors and make recommendations for the investment and administration of the Reserve Fund. The Board may grant limited discretionary powers to the Finance Committee to sell and reinvest the Reserve Fund; and
  • Examine and verify the accuracy and completeness of the financial books, records and accounts of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, and shall report the results of its audit to the Board of Directors. The examination by the Audit Committee shall begin on April 1 of each calendar year, or no more than 30 days after the Treasurer has submitted a year-end financial report to the Board of Directors, whichever date occurs first.

Notes from the Committee:

  • Yearly Organizational dues are due January 1 and late after April 1. Delinquent Organizations will be turned over to Standards for action 1 July.
  • If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact AAUS at [email protected]