AAUS/OWUSS Scientific Diving Internships

The Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society has collaborated with the American Academy of Underwater Sciences to create two scientific diving internships. These internship will provide students with the experience and opportunities necessary for a future in science, diving for research, or scientific diving-related fields. Intern applicants can be students from colleges and universities with an interest in science and diving. The program runs primarily from mid-May through August. The internships will be supported by funding for travel to/from site, room, board, and other internship-related expenses

The Dr. Lee H. Somers AAUS Scientific Diving Internship is provided to a young diver who seeks training and experience as an AAUS Scientific Diver.  Training as an AAUS Scientific Diver is a primary goal of the internship, and is not required as a prerequisite.  The internship is also intended to provide practical scientific diving and research experience; past interns have benefited most from multifaceted opportunities in AAUS scientific diver training courses and involvement with scientific research, and diving and boating safety programs. More Information

The Mitchell Scientific Diving Research Internship is provided to an undergraduate student who seeks a scientific diving research experience.  This internship is intended to be research-centric; therefore, training and certification as an AAUS Scientific Diver is a prerequisite.  More Information

Intern applications are due by January 15th. More information on how to apply and the application form, visit https://www.owuscholarship.org/internships

Information on hosting an AAUS/OWUSS Intern is available here .

More information on past recipients available at www.aausfoundation.org