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AAUS Policy on Complaints 
The AAUS is committed to a policy of providing benchmark standards for the training and development of safe scientific divers.  It is expected that Diving Safety Officers at AAUS OMs will demonstrate their integrity through adherence to these principles by providing commensurate training and authorizations.  Should a DSO fail to meet these training standards, a formal complaint can be lodged at the national office of AAUS.  This report will be investigated by a Complaint Committee of peers who will recommend appropriate remediation strategies to ensure current and future compliance.  These efforts are meant to ensure the integrity of the AAUS, the OM, and the DSO.

DSOs and/or OMs that disregard the recommendations of the Complaint Committee risk further sanctions, including loss of membership.  The DSO and/or OM may appeal the recommendations of the Complaint Committee within two weeks, by filing a point-by-point rebuttal to the original complaint.  Upon review an arbitrator will make a final recommendation to the case.

Filing a Complaint.  Scientific Divers, Divers in Training, and/or members of local Diving Control Board may file a complaint with AAUS ([email protected]) using the form below.  Within two weeks of receipt, a Complaint Committee will be charged with investigating the incident(s). 

Complaint Form