Statistics Committee

Organizational Members of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences agree to submit summary statistics each year of dives, modes of diving and any incidents associated with their program. It is strongly recommended that your fill in the blank form by hand before attempting to submit your stats. Inputs are error checked and you may get a message that your totals do not agree. Please do not include any dives that do not meet AAUS standards, i.e. recreational dives accepted by the DCB as proficiency dives. AAUS statistics collection criteria and definitions and the blank template may be found after login under the Members tab.

A web-based dive logging program to help track annual summary statistics is available to Organizational Members. Use of this software is voluntary; if you have a system in place that works for you, you are free to continue to use it. AAUS pursued this option because many of the smaller to medium OMs lack access to information technology resources and the DSOs are overwhelmed trying to track dives and divers manually. We want to make it a little easier for you to comply with the requirement to turn in annual stats. Each OM that would like to use the software will have their own password protected website and a limited ability to customize the look of their data collection. The OM divers may log into the OM’s site at any time once they are registered and activated by the DSO. The intent is that divers log their dives immediately following each dive, project or trip. The software will keep running totals of the end of the year stats required by AAUS for the OM’s group of divers. Once the DSO has determined that all the dives have been logged and reviewed them for accuracy, the annual AAUS stats report numbers can be entered at a separate site. It is important to realize that no one at AAUS or at any other OM can see any data on your website. Only the DSO at each OM can see all of their OM’s divers and the summary data of their collective dives. One feature of the software is that if the DSO keeps the certification data in the diver profiles (CPR, First Aid, Oxygen, etc.) up to date, the report feature will indicate which divers are not current on any given date. In addition, fully editable LORs can be printed using data in the diver’s profile.

If you are interested in having a dive logging site set up for your OM, contact [email protected]

Annual statistics turned in by the OMs are compiled into the AAUS annual report and periodically analyzed. A comparison of the recent AAUS diving activity to scientific diving prior to the scientific diving exemption concluded that total pressure-related injury rates were similar. Pressure Related Incidence rates in Scientific Diving

Notes from the Committee:

  • Statistical summaries are due each January, are considered late 1 April. The statistics committee will try to contact you about problems with your submission after April but if there is no satisfactory response by 1 July, the OM will be turned over to the Standards Committee for action.
  • If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact AAUS at [email protected]

Important Documents:
Statistics submission blank form

Summary statistics and DCI Incidence Rates