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September 2021

With the start of September, it’s starting to feel like Fall and strategic planning is in the air. Guided by continued input from our community, the leadership of the Academy has long kept a strategic plan in place. This living document communicates the organizations’ goals as well as the actions and resources needed to achieve those goals. Recent strategic plans implemented by the Board have come in five-year projections, with the current plan covering the 2015-2020 time frame. At the Board meeting in Atlanta in February of 2020, we began the process of setting up a focused strategic planning meeting with a facilitator for the Fall of 2020, however we couldn’t have foreseen the long-lasting effects of the then-imminent pandemic (and arguably still can’t).n brought upstairs immediately.

While travel from the corners of the country to meet and continue this process wasn’t feasible last Fall, Board Treasurer Chris Rigaud undertook a comprehensive review of all of the prior plans and compiled all of the goals and the achievements to get the most accurate snapshot of what we have accomplished and what work still remains to be done. He presented this review and corresponding documents at the virtual symposium earlier this year, all of which can also be found when logged into the members area of the AAUS website. Since that meeting, the Board has met virtually both individually and as a group with a strategic planning facilitator and are excited to meet up in Maine next month to produce an updated document to deliver to the membership at the symposium in Galveston in 2022.

So, here’s where you come in. With this edition of the Slate, all members of the Academy have an opportunity to weigh in through a poll we’ve created to help structure our priorities as an organization and as a community. This is the same scope of poll we would normally ask as part of the symposium and should only take a few minutes of your time. The poll will be open for this month and we'll take the responses right into the planning sessions.

We are well underway to rolling out more resources for all members and want to make sure we’re continuing to provide the highest level of support in everything we do. Stay safe out there!

Derek Smith
AAUS President



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