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September 2019
Summer is over, the field season is complete, and the students are back. The punctuation point on the beginning of the Fall semester was the end-of-summer BOD conference call. As you might predict, much of the discussion centered on final planning for the Annual Symposium in Vancouver (8-11 October: This is shaping up to be a big meeting with about 120 people already registered, and workshops rapidly reaching capacity. In addition to the workshops, networking opportunities and the awards banquet will be held at the Vancouver Aquarium! However, I may be most excited by the format/plan for the DSO meeting. Specifically, following our business meeting on Wednesday morning, our sister organization, CAUS, will join us for a shared agenda relative to international affiliations and reciprocity. President-elect Derek Smith will lead a roundtable discussion on scientific diving across borders. They will discuss potential reciprocity issues with CAUS and other international partners, and they will address the opportunities and challenges we face as AAUS grows beyond the United States. We will also hear from Jim Rone, Maritime Safety Compliance Supervisor from Washington, about lessons to be learned from recent accidents in his state. If there are additional items you would like to see addressed at the Annual Symposium, please let us know (

In addition to the Vancouver meeting, the BOD also received updates on the Medical Panel, the Business Plan, and the OM Peer Review Program. While all of these initiatives are moving slowly, they remain a priority to the BOD which wants to ensure the jobs are done well. The steering committee for the Medical Panel has been contacted and they will start pulling together topics of concern for the MP which will likely meet in Spring 2020. The Business Plan and the OM Peer Review Program are nearing completion, and we hope to role them out at the DSO meeting in about 6 weeks. I look forward to chatting with you in Vancouver.
Marc Slattery 
University of Mississippi



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