May 2019

This month, I want to focus the column on some important (ongoing) business. At AAUS, May = elections. Due to the open comment period on the by-laws proposed change, elections will open this year on May 15 and close June 30. Watch your inbox for candidate information and a new voting protocol.

Also, the AAUS BoD is currently accepting comments on a proposed bylaws change. Specifically, there is a disconnect between the bylaws and AAUS practices relative to terms of service for the Officers. Bylaws indicate three year terms, whereas current and historic practice has been for two year terms. In addressing this disparity, the BoD also looks to change the terms of the President from the current practice of two years as President-elect and two years as President, to terms of one year as President-elect, two years as President, and one year as Past-president. The rationale and specifics of the proposed bylaws change can be further accessed here . Please note, you have until May 15th to submit your comments via the Google form.

In other (exciting) news, the AAUS Diving for Science Symposium is about 5 months away (= 08-11 October) in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada! This event is being co-convened by the Canadian Association for Underwater Science and co-hosted by the Vancouver Aquarium (an Ocean Wise Initiative) and Simon Fraser University. The Symposium will include all of the events you’ve come to expect at the Annual Meeting (e.g., diving, continuing education and workshops, the bubble breaker and other social events, and the banquet), but it will also offer an opportunity to embrace international issues relative to scientific diving, and to forge partnerships with our CAUS sisters and brothers. Registration is open at

In February, the AAUS Board of Directors voted to increase Individual Member dues to $50/year starting on July 01, 2019. In the lead up to this increase, AAUS is encouraging all scientific divers to become Individual Members now to avoid the increase for another year. The AAUS office has some promotional materials available for distribution to OMs upon request ( Help us with this membership drive as we strive to get more science divers involved in the Academy.

Finally, a quick reminder that AAUS adopted a new standards manual last year. All programs must update/upload their manuals to be compliant with AAUS by 01 June 2019 (one month from now!!!). Given the substantive changes throughout, we recommend using the AAUS template and personalizing that with your program-specific standards. If you haven’t started already, start NOW…

As always, thanks for your continued support of the Academy.

Marc Slattery
University of Mississippi

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