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May 2020
It is likely that many of our typical societal functions will be reimagined as a result of the continuing crisis. The news out of Wisconsin last week highlighted one of those things: most of the country is still required to physically go to polling locations to cast their ballot. I live in a state with mail-in voting as the norm and the race is already on to make that a national state of affairs for the upcoming general election in November. No matter your political leanings, this election cycle certainly has the potential to be unlike anything we have ever seen before.

With this newsletter, our general election opens for the months of May and June for the next Director-at-Large and President-Elect Board members. The good news is that you don’t have to protest your state’s stay-at-home orders in order to participate in our democratic election process. AAUS has had electronic voting available through our web portal for many years, which makes it very easy to help shape the future of our organization from the comfort of your living room. The bad news is that the voter turnout for our election often mirrors the national average, with approximately only one third of eligible voters casting a ballot. This is your voice in our organization. This is how you take an active role in our community. I urge everyone to exercise their right and be heard before voting closes on June 30th.

There’s more good news; the candidates for both positions are well-qualified and bring a wealth of experience and expertise as potential future Board members. The Board of Directors doesn’t endorse any particular candidate, but we’d like to encourage everyone to take the time to read through their statements and reach out to them or the Board if you have questions. The coming years will be critical for our organization and now is the time to ensure we have continued leadership that reflects our entire community.

Derek Smith
University of Washington

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