December 2019
The BOD will hold its final conference call of the year on December 2nd (more on that in January), but I want to bring everyone up to speed on ongoing work.  First, the next Strategic Plan will be a focal issue in the coming year.  We have a committee that will address this, and our Business Plan (volunteers are welcome; contact us at, over the next 12 months.  As always, we seek your input on priorities and directions.  To that end, Heather has opened a Strategic Plan poll for your feedback.  Please complete this poll ASAP; your responses will drive the direction of your Academy!  

One specific aspect of the Business Plan that received strong support at an informal poll in Vancouver was the development of a tiered OM dues structure.  We hope to have more details about this approach in mid-Spring, but central to any change in the dues is our commitment to the priorities of our membership.  Your poll responses are critical to  this issue as well as the direction and sustainability of AAUS.    

As many of you recall, we held an inter-agency meeting about 18 months ago to, amongst other topics, address the possibility of meeting with OSHA regarding the scientific diving exemption and the evolution of scientific diving.  The consensus opinion was that an OSHA meeting was warranted, but likely after our coordinated Medical Standards review.  However, Steven Butler recently retired from OSHA and we recognized an opportunity to introduce AAUS to the new director; a letter was forwarded to OSHA about a week ago.  We’ll keep you posted on their response.

I trust everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and wish you the best for the upcoming holiday season!  
Marc Slattery 
University of Mississippi



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