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Convex Seascape Survey

The Convex Seascape Survey is an ambitious five-year research program that seeks to discover how the ocean performs its important role as the world’s largest carbon sink and regulates the climate. The project sets out to provide answers that can be used in global efforts to slow the effects of climate change. But before our team begins research, we need help finding healthy unimpacted soft sediment ecosystems to study. The ability of spectacular ecosystems like mangroves, seagrass meadows, and kelp forests to store carbon has long attracted attention. But such places only cover 0.2% of the seafloor. This means that while their role in mitigating climate change is important, it is limited. By contrast, soft sediment seabeds, such as muddy and sandy habitats, contain far bigger carbon stores and cover 38 times more space. Therefore, they are exceptionally important in this era of rapid climate change. We are looking for divers with intimate knowledge of the seabed to help us identify important places to study. To help us in the fight against climate change, simply send us underwater photographs or video footage of what you believe to be a healthy, intact, and undisturbed soft sediment seabed habitat. For more information, visit www.convexseascapesurvey.com/citizen-science/ or email :[email protected].

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