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Call for Abstracts

AAUS is now accepting abstract submissions for the 2022 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium. This year, ALL who intend to submit an abstract or full manuscript should complete the intention form by November 01. AAUS will accept short abstracts (maximum of 300 words), extended abstracts (800-1200 words) or full manuscripts. The deadline for ALL submissions (abstracts and full papers) to be submitted electronically to [email protected] is December 10th. Please put "2022 AAUS Symposium" followed by your desired format (abstract/extended abstract/full paper) and your name in the message line to facilitate tracking. Notification on the disposition of submitted abstracts will be returned to the first author electronically by January 10th, with any suggested revisions due by February 01st. No presentation will be allowed unless the final abstract or manuscript has been cleared for publication in the Proceedings, and abstracts/manuscripts will only be published if the presentation is delivered. All submissions MUST use the templates, which include detailed formatting instructions. Intention form and templates can also be found on the symposium website under the Resources tab.

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