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AAUS Townhall Series

The AAUS Board of Directors will be hosting a townhall on DCB Roles and Responsibilities on November 15th at 3pm EST. This townhall will be held on the FLOOR platform can be accessed at Please join us to learn more about the crucial role the Dive Control Board plays in AAUS Scientific Diving Programs. You may access the recordings and resources from the E-learning Town Hall and the Emerging Programs Town Hall if you unable to join us through the links in the November Eslate or by request from the AAUS office.

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National Scientific Diving Day Celebration

The 40th anniversary of the OSHA Scientific Diving Exemption is the week of November 22nd. AAUS would like to honor the anniversary by deeming it National Scientific Diving Day and we are asking AAUS programs to help us get divers in the water to celebrate all week. Our documentation of those celebratory dives is two pronged. First, in hopes of spreading a broader acknowledgement of what science divers do, we would like to flood social media. Send your pictures and videos to us or post them on your own social media platforms tagging us and using @aaus.scientific.diving #aaus #aausscientificdiving #scientificdiving. Secondly, as we would like to make this an annual event, we'd like to collect basic statistics of divers in the water, using this simple collection form. . Let's get in the water and celebrate getting to do what we all love to do!  

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Call for Abstracts

AAUS is now accepting abstract submissions for the 2023 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium. AAUS will accept short abstracts (maximum of 300 words), extended abstracts (800-1200 words) or full manuscripts. The deadline for ALL submissions (abstracts and full papers) to be submitted electronically to [email protected] is 09 December. Please put "2023 AAUS Symposium" followed by your desired format (abstract/extended abstract/full paper) and your name in the message line to facilitate tracking [ex. “2023AAUSsymposium-extendedabstract-crigaud”]. Notification on the disposition of submitted abstracts will be returned to the first author electronically by 13 January, with any suggested revisions due by 03 February. No presentation will be allowed unless the final abstract or manuscript has been cleared for publication in the Proceedings and abstracts/manuscripts will only be published if the presentation is delivered. All submissions MUST use the templates, which include detailed formatting instructions. Templates can also be found on the symposium website under the Resources tab.

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2023 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium

The 2023 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium will be hosted by University of West Florida, 23-29 April 2023 in Pensacola, Florida. Join us in the nation’s oldest city as we celebrate AAUS history and dive into our future. Registration is now open! The week will be filled with instructional workshops such as Serious Accident Investigation, both topside and underwater; technical workshops including technician certifications, underwater photogrammetry, and acoustic imagery; diving workshops covering surface supplied diving, low visibility, and managing divers with acoustics; tours of an underwater ancient cypress forest; the historic San Pablo shipwreck; “the great carrier reef” USS Oriskany and much more. Following the workshop opportunities and social/networking events, we will wrap up the week with the national DSO meeting, science symposium and annual awards banquet, featuring our Keynote Speaker, Dr. James Delgado. We welcome diving scientists, students, diving safety officers and anyone with an interest in diving science to participate in this event. All AAUS members should login with their IM credentials to receive member pricing for all events.

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WDHOF Scholarships and Training Grants

The Women Divers Hall of Fame ™ (WDHOF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring and raising awareness of the contributions of outstanding women divers. WDHOF provides educational, mentorship, financial, and career opportunities to the diving community throughout the world. Each year, WDHOF awards scholarships and training grants that provide financial and educational support to individuals of all ages. Forty-eight scholarships and training grants are offered this year. For some of the categories, more than one scholarship/grant is being offered. A summary of the scholarship/grant categories, award amounts and link to application can be found here. Applications close October 31, 2022.

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AAUS Seeks Internship Hosts

AAUS is currently seeking OM hosts that can provide high quality experiences for our two internships. AAUS interns provide valuable exposure for your institution and scientific diving program. Prior to applying as a host, we ask that you read the internship descriptions and supporting documents on the AAUS Internship page. Applications for 2023 must be submitted no later than 15 January 2023; however, host applications are welcomed well in advance, as we are in need of hosts for 2023 and beyond. Please visit the AAUS Internship page for full details:

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AAUS Townhall

The AAUS Board of Directors will be hosting a townhall on Emerging Programs on October 20h at 4pm EST. We will have an open discussion about Accreditation, Free Diving Guidelines, Logging program updates, Lead Diver course and more. This townhall will be held on the FLOOR platform and login information will be directly emailed to members a few weeks prior to the meeting. Please join us to hear about exciting developments and how you can take advantage of these member benefits and programs.

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AAUS Foundation Scholarship Awards 2022

The AAUS Foundation offers competitive research scholarships to both doctoral-level students and master’s-level students who utilize scientific diving as a principal research tool or study scientific diving. First place awards for both program levels are $3000; second place awards are $1500. In 2022 a total of 23 proposals were reviewed. Proposals included research in ecosystems from kelp forests to coral reefs and spanned disciplines from genetics to archaeological resource management. Special thanks to the 15 reviewers, and best wishes to all who participated. If you know of a student who could benefit from an AAUS graduate scholarship, direct them to the Foundation website for more details. Next year's round of proposals will be due on 30 June 2023. Full bios of the 2022 scholars can be found at

Doctoral-level Awards
1st place Jordan Sims, George Mason University: Comparing genotypic diversity of two coral restoration programs to wild populations in Roatán, Honduras
2nd place Yifan Li, Pennsylvania State University: Assessing microbiome influences on coral stress tolerance on a highly polluted, turbid Caribbean reef

Master’s-level Awards
1st place Cheyne Springbett, Walla Walla University: Digging in: an investigation of burrowing behavior in Muusoctopus leioderma
2nd place Keenan Guillas, San Jose State University: The behaviour and energetics of demosponges in response to suspended sediments

Find out more about all the AAUS Foundation Scholars at

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BOD Election Results

The 2022 AAUS Board of Directors (BOD) election results are tallied, and the Board congratulates the new President-elect Jessica Keller (University of Miami) and Director-at- Large, Andrew Morgan (California State University Monterey Bay). Jessica and Andrew will begin their elected terms January 01, 2023. On behalf of the Academy, we thank all the candidates for participating in the election; all are highly qualified individuals committed to the success of the AAUS. Finally, a reminder to membership--if you are interested in serving, many committees would welcome your help; contact BOD members for information.

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AAUS is gauging interest in a Fall AAUS DSO Orientation to be held in conjunction with the AAUS Board of Directors meeting in San Francisco, CA October 09, 2022. This program is designed to provide an orientation for new Diving Safety Officers and for existing DSOs who would like more information and an update on particulars of running a Diving Safety Program at their respective institutions or organizations. This program is required for DSOs at new AAUS Organizational Members and DSOs participating in the AAUS Scientific Diving Instructor program (ASDI). It is also open to non-AAUS organizations/DSOs who would like more information about AAUS. The cost for this one day workshop is $100. Please contact AAUS ([email protected]) if you have an interest in attending.

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2024 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium Host

Is your AAUS Organizational Member interested in hosting the AAUS Diving for Science symposium in 2024 or beyond? The Board of Directors will be considering host proposals for the 2024 meeting at the Fall BOD meeting in October 2022. Contact the AAUS office for information on submitting a proposal to showcase your dive program to the AAUS community.

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AAUS National Registry of Scientific Divers

At the 2022 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium, the AAUS Board of Directors discussed the forthcoming AAUS National Registry of Scientific Divers to be published on the AAUS website. This listing verifies that the diver has received training in accordance with AAUS standards. Status as an active AAUS diver can ONLY be conferred by an AAUS Organizational Member and must be renewed/verified every 12 months at minimum. Reciprocity between AAUS OMs requires additional documentation. After working out the internal logistics, we are now ready to begin populating this registry. In phase one, we will be adding newly trained divers (training completed in Spring 2022 and beyond) who choose to be listed in the Registry.
Requirements to be listed:
• Diver has completed an AAUS Scientific Diving Course through an AAUS Organizational Member
• Diver must have completed the AAUS SDC E-learning Course DSO/Instructor must indicate completion of in-water and additional training requirements via the AAUS SDC E-learning Course
• DSO/Instructor must attest that all training has been completed and the diver is eligible for listing

Registry will be expanded in the fall of 2022 to include any interested existing AAUS divers. For more information on registering students, please contact the AAUS office.

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2022 Conrad Limbaugh Award for Scientific Diving Leadership Nominations

Nominations are open for the 2022 Conrad Limbaugh Award for Scientific Diving Leadership. Presented biennially to an individual who has made a significant contribution in diving safety and diving leadership on behalf of the scientific diving community, nominations close September 30, 2022. For more information on eligibility and the nomination form, please visit Nominations can also be submitted directly to [email protected]

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AAUS 2022 Election

The 2022 AAUS election is now open and closes 30 June. The election is open to Full Voting Members (individual and OM Reps) in good standing. Below you will find the slate of candidates. Bios and Election Questions can be found HERE .  

All voting is to take place on the website. Please follow the directions below; be an active part of your Academy and VOTE!

To write in a candidate, email name of the write-in candidate to two of the election committee members:
· Diana Steller ([email protected])
· Mike Anghera ([email protected])
· Cheryl Thacker ([email protected])
· Steve Sellers ([email protected])

President-elect Candidate: 
Jessica Keller, University of Miami 
Derek Smith, SODA

Director-at-Large Candidates: 
Ryan Bradley, East Carolina University 
Zach Foltz, Smithsonian Marine Station, Ft. Pierce 
Jeff Godfrey, University of Connecticut 
Andrew Morgan, California State University Monterey Bay 
Lora Pride, Jacobs Engineering, Inc.

Instructions for Online Voting:
1. Login at Your username is the email address on file with AAUS. Password can be reset with "forgot password" if needed.
2. Go to Members Tab then Members Profile.
3. Blue Vote Now button below member info block on the left-hand side of the page.
4. Carefully follow onscreen instructions to submit vote.

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Heritage Awareness Diving Seminar

The Florida Public Archaeology Network, the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research, and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are pleased to present the next Heritage Awareness Diving Seminar (HADS) on 12-14 May 2022! This year’s HADS will be offered both in-person and virtually, with two evenings of classroom instruction (12 and 13 May) and one morning of diving in Marathon, FL, for in-person attendees (14 May).

The Heritage Awareness Diving Seminar will focus on providing dive professionals and educators with a greater knowledge of how to proactively protect shipwrecks, artificial reefs, and other underwater cultural sites as part of the marine environment. Upon completion of the Seminar, participants will be able to teach the Heritage Awareness Specialty Course as well as incorporate underwater historic preservation into other courses.

The cost to participate is $100 for virtual attendees and $175 for in-person attendees (includes charter boat with two tanks); course costs also include access to digital copies of course materials, including PowerPoints with notes. Virtual and in-person HADS graduates will meet all qualifications necessary to complete the HADS Specialty Instructor certification (approved by PADI, SDI, and NAUI). Those interested in attending can register via the FPAN website. Please contact Nicole Grinnan ([email protected]) if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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AAUS Student Scholarships 2022

The AAUS Foundation awards scholarships to graduate students engaged in, or planning to begin, research projects in which diving is used as an important research tool or studying diving science. The Foundation awards $3000 to each winning proposal from the Masters and Doctoral level submissions. Additionally, the AAUS may award $1500 scholarships to the second ranked proposals in each category.
Applicants must:
• Be a current member of AAUS (student or full member). Please review the difference between a member and AAUS scientific diver described in the FAQs here. Prospective applicants can join at
• Be accepted and enrolled in a Master's program (for the Master's Program award) or a Ph.D. program (for the Ph.D. program award). • Submit online application form.
• Submit a proposal of 3 to 5 pages describing the research methods, significance of the research, and a budget (if part of a larger budget, specify how AAUS funds will be spent). Must be uploaded through submission form.
• Ensure that one letter of support from a faculty advisor is submitted electronically to [email protected]
• Agree to write an article for the E-Slate describing the proposed research within one year of scholarship award.
• Present the results of their research at an AAUS symposium or other scientific meeting within one year of the project’s completion.
Completed applications are due 30 June. More information and the online application can be found at now. Send questions to the Scholarship Committee Chair at [email protected]

AAUS Diversity Scholarship
The AAUS Foundation is excited to continue the AAUS Diversity Scholarship! SCUBA diving is well-known to have high barriers to entry including the cost of basic open water certification and necessary gear. This in turn limits the pool of applicants who are eligible for opportunities that require diving such as volunteering at aquariums, performing undergraduate and graduate research, or careers where SCUBA is important. The scholarship is geared toward underrepresented groups in our community and will provide up to $1200 for an open water certification and some gear. Many people cannot participate in the scientific diving training that they need due to the fact that they simply cannot afford to get their Open Water Scuba Certification. We want to assist with this first major hurdle.
Applicant must:
• Be a current member of AAUS (student or full member).
• Be connected to an AAUS Organizational Member such as: graduate students whose thesis/dissertation work involved diving, undergraduate volunteers participating in research, aquarium volunteers or employees who would like to include diving in their job duties.
• Submit online application form. • Submit a one-page personal statement (details on Foundation website).
• Ensure that one letter of support from a mentor (faculty advisor or other) is submitted electronically to [email protected]
• Agree to write an article for the E-Slate, a news publication of AAUS, describing the experience.

Completed applications are due 30 June. More information and the online application, can be found at now. Send questions to the Scholarship Committee Chair at [email protected]

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AAUS BOD Call for Nominations

The 2022 AAUS Nominating Committee is now accepting for consideration nominations of individual members to stand for President-elect and Director-at-large (1) positions on the AAUS Board of Directors. The elected Director-at-Large will serve a three-year term and the President-elect will serve a one-year term, followed by 2 years as President and 1 year as Past-President (4 years total) commencing on January 01, 2023. An electronic poll will open on May 01 and close June 30, 2022. Qualified candidates must be full voting members in good standing with the AAUS. The nomination letter (not to exceed 300 words) is best focused on how a particular candidate can contribute to the Academy based on their academic or diving safety contributions, or previous development of not-for-profit organizational governance experience. Please submit your nomination letter, no later than March 30, 2022, to the AAUS office, [email protected]

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BIOS Summer Courses 2022

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) offers university-level summer courses, designed to immerse students in the study of marine science, with a 3-week program of coursework and research that is unique in marine science education. BIOS summer courses in marine science provide undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to expand their studies into subtropical environments and/or to investigate topics in ocean science, which are not offered within the curricula of their home institutions. BIOS has quick and easy access to a diverse array of subtropical marine habitats which, combined with lectures, discussions and integrated field work and laboratory exercises, provide an optimal environment for experiential learning. This summer BIOS will be offering Coral Reef Ecology and Research Diving Methods (AAUS) courses. Course details, syllabus, scholarship information and application instructions are available at Deadline to apply is April 30th.

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2022-2026 AAUS Strategic Plan

In October of last year, after months of preparation, the AAUS Board of Directors met over three days in Maine to establish a new five-year strategic plan. The process, started months before the in-person meetings, included a number of surveys used to identify challenges and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, and identifying what our priorities should be for the Academy moving forward. Our professional facilitator, Eduardo Martinez of Meridian Strategy, conducted phone interviews with all Board Members and we spent hours individually brainstorming and imagining what the future of AAUS could and should look like. The result of those discussions is our new Strategic 5-Year Plan. We would like to share the DRAFT Strategic Plan with you now and give you the opportunity to review and share your comments. The plan doesn’t necessarily include all of the projects and initiatives the Board will focus on, but it does lay out the priorities and benchmarks we will be aiming for. Please take some time over the next 60 days to review the Plan and share your thoughts via the Google form. All comments will be considered before the BOD approves a final version at the Spring Board Meeting in Galveston. If you have specific questions about a particular item, consider reaching out directly to the Board Member associated with it (Standards, Membership, etc.) or me. Submit comments  

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Spring 2022 AAUS DSO Orientation

AAUS is offering the Spring DSO Orientation in conjunction with the 2022 symposium on Wednesday, March 30th. This program is designed to provide an orientation for new Diving Safety Officers and for existing DSOs who would like more information and an update on particulars of running a Diving Safety Program at their respective institutions or organizations. This program is required for DSOs at new AAUS Organizational Members and DSOs participating in the AAUS Certification Program. The program is also open to non-AAUS organizations/DSOs who would like more information about AAUS. The cost for this one-day workshop is $100. Please register at Members will need to log in. Please stay tuned for more information on a possible virtual offering of this workshop.

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