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Standards Update - Draft 2018

Below is a link to the 2018 draft produced by a standards subcommittee.  YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO VIEW THIS FILE.


Throughout 2017 an ad hoc committee comprised of Liz Kintzing, Steve Sellers, Robbie Christian, Katie Shoultz, Christian McDonald, and Marc Slattery worked on the most substantive changes to the AAUS Standards Manual in a decade.  This group represented a broad cross section of the AAUS scientific diving community that provided their unique perspectives (and spirited discussions) to the rewrite process.  The goal was to consolidate material and standardize language, thereby streamlining the Manual and hopefully enhancing comprehension.  The changes were broadly “rolled out” at the annual meeting in Alpena MI for feedback from membership, and many valuable suggestions were incorporated into the draft Manual over the next four months.  Per AAUS Bylaws, the Board of Directors is releasing this current draft Manual to membership for a 60-day comment period.  On May 1st the ad hoc committee will finalize this copy of the new Standards Manual, and the AAUS BOD will vote on this document during the late Spring conference call.

The linked draft Standards Manual includes color-coded highlighted text to point out changes.  Specifically, text in green represent a change from the prior manual (often standardized language or minor word changes), whereas text in yellow indicate section headers/references that will be checked in the final document.  You can compare this version to the prior manual for more specific information relative to these changes.  As you read this document it is worth remembering that the AAUS Standards Manual represents minimal standards, each OM must meet these standards but they are welcome to exceed them relative to their own programmatic requirements. We look forward to hearing from you, and to the completed update of our Standards Manual. 

Marc Slattery
AAUS President

Please take the time to review this document carefully and complete the comment form below.  AAUS welcomes and encourages ALL constructive comments; positive or otherwise.  This is your opportunity to help shape & strengthen the standards that define our community. If you don’t have any specific comments, please indicate on the form that you have reviewed this document.



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