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2018 Conrad Limbaugh Award

We are proud to announce that the winner of the 2018 Conrad Limbaugh Memorial Award for Scientific Diving Leadership is Michael Dardeau.

2018 AAUS OWUSS Interns

Shane Lawrence, hosted by Bigelow,  and Lena Block, hosted by University of Alaska Fairbanks,  are our 2018 Interns.  Learn more about them and follow their summer!

2018 Diving for Science Symposium

The 2018 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium will be hosted by the University of California Berkeley and the University of California Davis in Tahoe City, CA from October 09-13, 2018. Abstract submission is open now and registration will be open soon!

2018 AAUS Student Scholarships

AAUS Foundation Student Scholarship applications are now open! All proposals are due June 30. For more information and application instructions, visit www.aausfoundation.org.

Nautilus Live-Aboard Special AAUS Offer

Nautilus has a full boat opening on our August 17th-22nd 2018 trip and is offering the trip at half-price to any AAUS member plus one guest. 


Welcome to a new initiative by the AAUS to spotlight organizational member projects and divers.  This month we feature an article about Rutgers Scientific Diving course.  Join us in spotlighting our community by submitting your articles and win a symposium pass! 

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Marine Subtidal Ecology and AAUS Science Diver Course
    06/11/18 - 07/13/18

Marine Subtidal Ecology and AAUS Science Diver Course

The University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories is offering a Marine Subtidal Ecology course June 11- July 13, 2018.  This course focuses on learning key ecological concepts, skills, and tools applied to the subtidal marine environment. Of primary importance, students will be trained as AAUS scientific divers.  Students will conduct group and independent research projects addressing a tractable question in temperate subtidal ecology; the skills and principles of ecology will, however, be broadly applicable to underwater science. The training will include visits (and input!) from scientific diving instructors from around the NW, evening discussions of accident case studies, and extensive pool and in-water skills and rescue drills.  More information  at https://fhl.uw.edu/courses/coursedescriptions/course/marine-subtidal-ecology-2018or email pema@uw.edu.

The Functional Roles of Mesophotic Coral Reefs in the Anthropocene Conference
    06/18/18 - 06/22/18

The Functional Roles of Mesophotic Coral Reefs in the Anthropocene

The Mesophotic Coral Reef Ecosystems Gordon Research Conference will be held June 18-22, 2018 at Bates College in Lewiston, ME. The number of scientists studying MCEs is growing rapidly and includes coral reef ecologists, molecular biologists, oceanographers, physiologists, biogeochemists, paleo-climatologists, fisheries biologists, microbiologists, chemical ecologists, population geneticists and managers interested in resource conservation. This GRC will attract experts from around the world, as well as students and post-doctoral researchers, to present new data and evaluate the evidence supporting the multiple factors controlling the structure and function of MCE communities worldwide. More information at https://www.grc.org/mesophotic-coral-reef-ecosystems-conference/2018/

AAUS Student Scholarship Applications Due

AAUS Student Scholarships 

The AAUS Foundation awards scholarships to graduate students engaged in, or planning to begin, research projects in which diving is used as an important research tool or studying diving science. The Kevin Gurr Scholarship awards $3000 to a Master program student. The Kathy Johnston Scholarship awards $3000 to a Doctoral student. AAUS may also award additional $1500 scholarships to the second ranked proposals in each category.  The Foundation also grants the Kevin Flanagan Travel Award providing up to $800 for undergraduate/graduate students to attend an AAUS scientific meeting and the Hollis Gear Award that provides up to two recipients with an award valued at $1250, good towards Hollis dive gear and travel monies.  Applications are submitted electronically and all proposals are due June 30. For more information and application instructions, visit www.aausfoundation.org,or send questions to the Scholarship Committee Chair at aaus@disl.org

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Nautilus Live-Aboard Special AAUS Offer

Due to a large group cancellation, Nautilus has a full boat opening on our August 17th-22nd 2018 trip and we are excited to offer the trip at half-price to any AAUS member plus one guest. This trip will be led by Mike Anghera onboard our flagship, the custom-built dive liveaboard, the Nautilus Explorer. Nautilus leads the way in liveaboard diving as well as ongoing support for marine science and conservation, and we are very excited to welcome you aboard! Experience Great White shark diving at Guadalupe Island. Over 241 Great Whites (and counting) have been identified at Guadalupe as part of the Marine CSI project, and the visibility is usually between 100-125ft. We generally see Great Whites on three out of four dives, and we have seen as many as 12 Great Whites around the boat on just one dive! Contact info@nautilusliveaboards.comor call 1-604-241-1918 to book your spot.  Informational flyer is attached.

Women Divers Hall of Fame Inducts 2018 Class

The Women Divers Hall of Fame proudly inducted their 2018 new members at the Beneath the Sea Awards Banquet in Secaucus, New Jersey on Saturday, March 24, 2018.

This year’s outstanding inductees include: Diana Hollingshead, Eugene, Oregon, USA – Instructor, Scientific Diver, Marine Biologist; Nathalie Lasselin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Explorer, Filmmaker, Speaker; Sharon Kwok Pong, Hong Kong, China – Marine Conservationist, Wildlife Protection Activist, Environmental Advocate; Erin Quigley, Los Angeles, California, USA – Photographer, Educator, Speaker; Patty Seery, Durham, North Carolina, USA – Educator, Women’s Advocate, Facilitator; and Patricia Wuest, Maitland, Florida, USA – Dive Magazine Journalist, Scuba Gear Tester, Ocean Conservationist.

"This eagerly anticipated celebration of women divers from around the world is a special opportunity to honor women who have made a contribution in many different segments of the diving industry,” points out WDHOF Board Member Bonnie Toth. “We look forward every year to the induction ceremony and all of the opportunities to get together with so many of our sea sisters.”

For a list of current members, biographies, nomination requirements and deadlines visit www.WDHOF.org.

2019 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium Host

Please be reminded that all proposals to host the 2019 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium must be submitted to the AAUS office no later than December 30, 2017.  Please contact the office for information on what should be included with the proposal.  If you submitted a proposal in 2017 and would like to resubmit, please contact the AAUS office.

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