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Treasurer's Challenge

For many years, the AAUS operated as a collective of like-minded individuals and organizations whose most significant financial commitment was the annual symposium. Times have certainly changed. AAUS now needs to employ a full-time Operations Manager to meet the demands of everyday business, and we have been endeavoring to provide an ever-increasing array of products and services requested by our members.

In order to maintain and improve the services we provide in a world of ever-increasing expenses, AAUS must increase revenue. We began with an OM dues increase in 2019 which helped offset the expense of a new community database and website, and in 2020 we will embark on an Individual Membership drive to support future initiatives. It is our hope that all current Organizational and Individual members will rally their fellow scientific divers, diving students, and colleagues to begin and maintain Individual Memberships with the Academy. Remember that AAUS Individual Membership is independent of status as an AAUS Scientific Diver at an OM Program, and costs only $50/ year.

For those who are DSOs and/or DCB members, many have likely enjoyed 'sponsored' Individual Memberships in the Academy for the duration of their affiliation with our Organizational Member programs. If you are in that category, please take a moment to consider what you have gained from this community over those years, the personal and professional connections you have made during that time, and what it might mean to you in future years. Is that worth $50/year, or $1/week to you? If so, join me in paying back AAUS for those years and paying it forward for the future.

Beginning in January 2020, I challenge all Diving Safety Officers and Diving Control Board Members to join me in becoming not just Individual Members for a year but, Lifetime Members of the Academy. Let's lead by example and get the 2020 IM Membership Drive off to a running-start. Even if only 50 of you pledged alongside me, these one-time payments of $500 per Lifetime Membership would generate $25,000 in revenue for the Academy. Please join me in demonstrating your historical and ongoing commitment to our community and this profession and establish your legacy as a Lifetime Member and supporter of AAUS.