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Spring 2022 AAUS DSO Orientation

AAUS is offering the Spring DSO Orientation in conjunction with the 2022 symposium on Wednesday, March 30th. This program is designed to provide an orientation for new Diving Safety Officers and for existing DSOs who would like more information and an update on particulars of running a Diving Safety Program at their respective institutions or organizations. This program is required for DSOs at new AAUS Organizational Members and DSOs participating in the AAUS Certification Program. The program is also open to non-AAUS organizations/DSOs who would like more information about AAUS. The cost for this one-day workshop is $100. Please register at https://aaus.org/AAUS/Annual_Symposium.aspx. Members will need to log in. Please stay tuned for more information on a possible virtual offering of this workshop.

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