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Challenge Match Courtesy of One of Our Own

Bill Power (IM member since 2004), DSO for the LA County Sanitation Districts (OM member since 2014), recently contacted the Foundation with regard to an inheritance from a relative with an interest in Bill’s work as a scientific diver. “I figured I would share some of the wealth with an organization that can further the goals of others with similar interests” Bill explained. At the very end of 2018, Bill donated $5000 to support the bubble breaker at the upcoming Vancouver symposium and agreed to donate up to another $5000 this year to match any and all donations to the Foundation (www.aausfoundation.org/donate) between now and the symposium. Every dollar that he is donating is being used to leverage additional funding for scholarships. Please don’t let this opportunity to double the impact of your giving pass; it only takes a few minutes to access the website and donate.

Bill was certified in 1984 at UCLA and spent one of his final quarters in college taking marine biology classes and doing scientific diving at the Wrigley Institute at Catalina Island. He also worked at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and New Mexico Natural History Museum as an aquarist and was involved in specimen collections using diving. He has been with LA County Sanitation Districts for 30 years doing marine biology, 23 of these as a scientific diver, performing transect dives, bioaccumulation collections and fish surveys.

Everyone please, raise your glass to Bill and thank him; he’s really going above and beyond!