Diving Workshops
We have a number of diving workshops this year.  If you are participating in one of these workshops, please be sure to check the workshop description to determine what gear is needed.  If you need to rent gear or if you would like to look into recreational diving outside of what is being offered through our workshops, we suggest contacting Sea Dragon Charters .

Toll Free: 1 855-732-3724

6373 Bruce St,
West Vancouver, BC V7W 2G5

Post Symposium Field Trip
Also, be sure to check out the post-meeting field trip to Port Hardy!  Port Hardy is Vancouver Island’s most northern community. It is a small town (population 5000) on the northeastern end of Vancouver Island, with a strong history in both the fishing and forestry industry. Port Hardy is world renowned for exceptional cold water diving, in close proximity to places such as Browning Passage. Space is limited for this 4 day field trip.  More information and registration in the event program.