2019 Certification Program Renewals

Attention AAUS Instructors!   It is time for your annual AAUS-ITI Instructor Renewal.  Please note that this only applies to AAUS Instructors and OM Programs who have chosen to participate in the voluntary certification card program.  You must renew annually as an Instructor with International Training (ITI) to maintain status as an AAUS Instructor and be able to register and certify AAUS divers. All renewal forms and instructions are in the AAUS Instructor community resource library.  Instructors may access them by logging in at www.aaus.org, go to the ‘Members’ tab, ‘Member Profile’.  Once at your profile, go to the ‘Participation’ tab and the ‘Communities’ header.  Select the ‘AAUS Instructors’ community which will take you to a list of all participating AAUS Instructors. Select the ‘Resource Center’ on the right-hand menu-bar and all documents are in the ‘2019 Renewal’ folder. Note:  Early bird pricing available until Dec 15th.

2019 AAUS Certification Program Renewals

STEP 1-  AAUS Instructor Renewal

Paper renewal - Complete the Instructor Renewal Form and submit the annual instructor renewal fee ($200) via mail.  You may have received a renewal package in the mail.

Online renewal - If you prefer to renew online at a reduced cost ($165) you may complete this process on the ITI website (www.tdisdi.com).  To do so, login to your Instructor Profile, and then choose ‘Tools’, ‘Renew Membership’ from the menu bar.  Complete the necessary information and submit the annual instructor renewal fee online with a credit card.  Online renewal fee increases after Dec. 15 ($200).


STEP 2- AAUS Facility Renewal

AAUS Facilities- as an AAUS instructor you must submit a paper Facility Renewal Form if you are the primary instructor/facility administrator at your AAUS facility.  A Facility Fee is not required for AAUS Facilities; you may indicate this in the payment field.  Submit this form via mail, fax, or scan and send as a pdf to (worldhq@tdisdi.com) with "AAUS Facility Renewal" in the subject line.

NOTE- the online Facility Renewal process is not available to AAUS Facilities; AAUS Facilities that renew online will be charged a Facility Renewal Fee.  AAUS Facilities should instead complete the paper Facility Renewal Form as instructed above.

STEP 3- SDI/TDI Facility Renewal

If you are an AAUS instructor and your Facility is also an SDI/TDI Training facility, you must submit a separate Facility Renewal Form for that SDI/TDI training facility, and a Facility Fee for that SDI/TDI facility.

Specific questions regarding the annual renewal process or online interface should be directed to ITI.  General questions about the AAUS Certification Program should be directed to the AAUS Certification program coordinator (Chris Rigaud, crigaud@maine.edu) or the AAUS office (Heather Albright, aaus@aaus.org).

12/1/2018 - 1/31/2019

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